“Perhaps their tagline says it best. They are to the fullest completeness of these words: Producers. Videographers. Storytellers. And, they can be all these things because they are on the one hand warm, genuine, engaging, caring, curious, probing, generous, attentive, intelligent, creative, and insightful, while on the other hand they are craftsmen - resolutely professional, extremely hardworking, perfectionist, careful, and efficient. The result is that they are infinitely effective.”

– Kerry Grisley, Operation Grassland Community

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“The end product looks breezy and fun, but the process could have been taxing had it not been for Jeff and his team. Jeff understands and respects the needs and sensitivities of an organization and works to ensure those are met at every stage, from scripting through to final delivery. Professional, diligent, and patient through every step of the process, Jeff and his team demonstrated an attention to detail that met the rigorous standards of our technical team. The work is spectacular; the shots are beautiful, detailed, and vivid. That technical excellence, combined with Jeff’s outstanding communication and collaboration skills, are what set Jeff Allen Productions apart.”

– Pam Hnytka, Social Marketing Supervisor, City of Edmonton Transportation Planning

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“Jeff is a true professional who takes pride in every aspect of his work. Whether he is working one on one, or meeting with a diverse committee, his collaborative, caring, thoughtful-approach ensures the customer’s expectations are exceeded. He has great technical skills and the ability to get just the right shot. The entire team (sound, editors, motion graphic artists) are as dedicated, talented, and passionate about what they do. Their finished productions demonstrate this professional caring approach.”

– George Thomlison, Facilities & Operations, University of Alberta

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“Jeff is a fantastic guy to work with – thoughtful, creative, practical – he gets the job done – with a product you can be proud of! Highly professional in everything he does – and a true passion for quality even on the smallest details. He is able to deal with a thousand things at once – and great with people – whether they are world leaders in their field, or nervous community members on camera for the first time. Jeff Allen Productions has become our official videographer for everything we do.”

– John Sproule, Senior Policy Director, Institute of Health Economics

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“It would be impossible for me accurately describe how impressed we were with Jeff Allen. His vision, work ethic, dedication and ability to manage an initiative of unpredictable magnitude under strictly imposed regulations, was impressive. His ability to relate with others, to make people feel at ease and ability to remain positive and focused is a critical skill that every Producer should possess. I would highly recommend Jeff Allen to anyone who was considering his production services, regardless of project magnitude and complexity.”

– Laura Currie Ryder, Global Director, Right To Play International

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“Qualities that Jeff brought to the UAL video project were his personable and effective communication and management style; proven expertise and creative skill in delivering fresh and dynamic videos; and his personal drive and genuine commitment to ensure each deliverable surpasses expectations. A close reading of his video resume will reveal his exceptional expertise, excellent quality output, and experience and strength working with people on video projects of varying challenges, scale, and scope… I have worked with a number of video creators and video project managers in Toronto and Edmonton, and Jeff has certainly made the strongest impression to memory.”

– Christina Hwang, University of Alberta Instruction Librarian

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"I have worked with Jeff Allen as a Director of Photography and camera operator on two OMNI TV hour long documentaries and features for the BBC. He is an extremely hard worker and has great skills both technically and artistically that make his shots shine. His creative input and warm personality have helped to create a great filming atmosphere. I look forward to working with him on many more projects in the future."

– Brandy Yanchyk, Executive Producer of Brandy Y Productions Inc.

“Professional. Courteous. Respectful. Those words describe Jeff Allen. After working in the media and business development in Edmonton for 14 years, I can’t think of a better option than Jeff Allen Productions… What I appreciate most, though, was the collaborative approach. Jeff is a superb communicator, ensuring the client’s needs are met.”

– Jonathan Huntington, Senior Business Development Manager, Northlands Park

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“Jeff Allen is creative, professional and very detail oriented. He cares about what the client needs and makes sure he understands perfectly the communication objectives. The quality of work is really important to him, and he has undeniably the talent to create outstanding images and make great productions.”

– Miriam Bard-Dumont, Communications Officer, Transportation Services, City of Edmonton

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“I would work with Jeff again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend him. You won’t be disappointed with his final product.”

– Carmen Toth, Marketing and Communications Manager, Lethbridge College

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