To Whom it May Concern:

Re: Reference for Jeff Allen Productions

I first met Jeff Allen when I was Chair of a Facilities & Operations committee charged with the developing an On Boarding Program for new portfolio staff. The committee originally considered a power point/slideshow to depict the portfolio to new staff. We approached the internal University communications department and were advised that they were unable to do the work, but suggested we contact Jeff Allen Productions. It was the best advice I received.

The committee explained what we were looking for and their team delivered. I don’t think any of us at the time knew exactly what the end product was going to be, or how good it would look; but when the final video was delivered we knew. It has since been used extensively by all departments in the portfolio for new and existing employees. Our Vice President has shown it to the University senior management team. It continues to be an integral part of the On Boarding program.

Jeff is a true professional who takes pride in every aspect of his work. Whether he is working one on one, or meeting with a diverse committee, his collaborative, caring, thoughtful-approach ensures the customer’s expectations are exceeded. He has great technical skills and the ability to get just the right shot. The entire team (sound, editors, motion graphic artists) are as dedicated, talented, and passionate about what they do. Their finished productions demonstrate this professional caring approach.

Since that first video I have used Jeff Allen Productions to produce six lab safety videos aimed at University students and researchers, a video showcasing the F&O portfolio (including a version in Mandarin), two training videos related to mold awareness and the building warden program. I am currently working with Jeff on a fire safety video. After being introduced to the Jeff Allen Productions team, other departments within the portfolio are utilizing the company to develop training and information videos for employees and students. I have recommended Jeff Allen Productions to companies that I do business with. Each has enthusiastically thanked me.

This past summer Jeff produced a video for a sports organization I am involved with. The video was recently shown at our year end banquet and received huge applause. The Club will be using it as a recruiting tool.

Whenever I have the opportunity to introduce Jeff, I introduce him as the best storyteller I know. If you have a story you need told, I would highly recommend Jeff Allen Productions.

Yours truly,

George Thomlison, George Thomlison Consulting Ltd. (under contract to the University of Alberta)

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