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"May 31, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jeff Allen. I first became acquainted with Jeff in 2010, when Right To Play embarked upon a new online media initiative leading up to the Vancouver Olympic Games.

The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games presented Right To Play with some new opportunities, however, also posed a significant challenge when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) withdrew Right To Play's access to the Olympic Village, making it more difficult to engage and inspire Olympians to get involved as Athlete Ambassadors.

With this challenge in mind, Right To Play was able to innovate beyond procedures used at past Olympics and take full advantage of new opportunities. One of these opportunities was a multi-faceted media strategy involving a partnership with Edmonton-based Statusfirm, headed by Jeff Allen, to film, produce, edit and stream footage on the Right To Play (RTPtv) website.

Utilizing studio space provided by CBC, the objective of RTPtv was to bring our Athlete Ambassadors and other personalities into the studio for interviews that would then be streamed online. As Right To Play had no prior experience with this form of media broadcasting, we relied heavily on Jeff Allen and his exceptional crew of camera people, studio engineers and on-camera talent. Leading up to the Games Jeff, who acted as Production Manager, worked closely with us to design the website, plan the various elements, such as studio interviews and on-the-street clips, and provide technical expertise to create polished, professional features. As evidence of their dedication and level of professionalism, Jeff and his team worked full-time for nearly a month leading up to the launch of RTPtv going above and beyond the initial work plan to provide us with incredible product.

Over the duration of the Games, Jeff and his team edited and posted more than 80 vignettes over the 16-day period, including 47 athlete interviews and 12 features. Tirelessly travelling to event locations as the need presented, the hours were long and days unpredictable. Throughout the three weeks that we worked closely together, the team's attitude was always positive – they were consistently prepared and willing to take on any challenge.

Though timelines were often very tight, the quality of the team's work was never compromised and we were repeatedly thrilled with the quality of each interview. While not shooting, producing or editing, Jeff was engaged in conducting background research for upcoming interviews to ensure the questions put forth to the guests were engaging, relevant and entertaining. As a result of his effort, each interview was a success, and each interviewee left impressed with the
level of professionalism.

As a result of this initiative, and Jeff Allen's hard work and dedication to our cause, Right To Play far surpassed its objectives to expand our media coverage by 10 per cent. We succeeded in garnering attention from top-tier press in all forms of media, including print, radio, television and web-based publications.

It would be impossible for me accurately describe how impressed we were with Jeff Allen. His vision, work ethic, dedication and ability to manage an initiative of unpredictable magnitude under strictly imposed regulations, was impressive. His ability to relate with others, to make people feel at ease and ability to remain positive and focused is a critical skill that every Producer should possess. I would highly recommend Jeff Allen to anyone who was considering
his production services, regardless of project magnitude and complexity."

Laura Currie Ryder, Global Director, Communications and Business Development
Right To Play International

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