University of Alberta

"June 2, 2011

To Whom It May Concern::

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Jeff Allen Productions.

Last summer, the University of Alberta Libraries (UAL) decided to budget for a series of short, creative, informational videos to be hosted on our website and on our YouTube channel. This was a video series that was to be produced during the busiest time of our year – the beginning of academic term, Fall of 2010. Among the 20 potential candidates reviewed for the position, Jeff Allen Productions was our first choice and remained our best candidate to manage our video project and create a brand new video series designed for young adults and the web.

From the outset, Jeff ensured he understood the big picture, defined and clarified the scope, timeline, and resources for the project, and produced exemplary videos that has made a strong impact and lasting value to the University of Alberta and academic communities around the world.

Qualities that Jeff brought to the UAL video project were his personable and effective communication and management style; proven expertise and creative skill in delivering fresh and dynamic videos; and his personal drive and genuine commitment to ensure each deliverable surpasses expectations. A close reading of his video resume will reveal his exceptional expertise, excellent quality output, and experience and strength working with people on video projects of varying challenges, scale, and scope.

The underlying goal of the UAL short "snapshot" video series was to effectively capture the viewer's attention so that they may be informed of our services. We had an increase in our service uptake this past term and we correlate the success with Jeff's polished professional videos. Over the past term, we have received positive responses from our university students, our main target audience, and to date, we have over 5,500 views on our videos in our YouTube channel. Furthermore, we have received numerous local, national and international inquiries regarding our videos. I am confident that Jeff is more than capable of creating career-related feature videos that will gain the attention of your current and potential users and will contribute to higher service uptake.

In summary, I have worked with a number of video creators and video project managers in Toronto and Edmonton, and Jeff has certainly made the strongest impression to memory. I can think of no better candidate who is dedicated, resourceful, and creative than Jeff Allen. Jeff Allen Productions comes with my highest recommendation. If you would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Christina Hwang, UAL Video Project Lead & Instruction Librarian

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